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Eddie Robson - Doctor Who: Binary

Dodał: latyczak 2 Kwiecień 2012 11:15

Eddie Robson - Doctor Who: Binary

Eddie Robson - Doctor Who: Binary

Eddie Robson - Doctor Who: Binary
Eddie Robson - Doctor Who: Binary
B-g Fi-i.h Pr.d-ct.ons | English | 2012 | ISBN: 1844356205 | MP3 256 kbps | 139 MB
Science Fiction

A damaged alien computer is being guarded by UNIT troops, but the soldiers simply vanish…
Usually the Brigadier would call in the Doctor – but on this occasion the Time Lord is being kept out of the loop. Instead, it’s up to Elizabeth Shaw to oversee the project to repair this alien technology, and recover the missing men.

And then Liz vanishes too.

Trapped inside the machine, Liz faces a battle for survival against a lethal defence system. And this time, she must save the day without the Doctor at her side…

Cast: Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Joe Coen (Childs), Kyle Redmond-Jones (James Foster)
Total Duration: 51:06

Eddie Robson - Doctor Who: Binary
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#1 | Dodany: 13 Kwiecień 2012 20:41

super :D


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