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Skyrim Monster Mod

Dodał: SebaSTI 27 Maj 2012 21:58

Skyrim Monster Mod

This mod completely changes the game by adding new monsters to the world.
There are over 100 creatures to discover with plenty more to come, including 70 new dragon types. Every creature has been programmed to spawn at a location relevant to the theme such as forest creatures in the forest, snow coastal creatures in the snowy coast, and so on.
The mod attempts create a more diverse combat experience while trying to stay within the bounds of lore, so you won't see for instance a Hagraven or Falmer attacking a city's gates.

This mod works by adding the monsters to the levelled lists, which is how most encounters are determined. The great thing about this mod is that you will encounter different enemies all the time, making it good to use with multiple playthroughs!
This mod is an ever growing project, so if you enjoy it it might be worth tracking the file to keep up with new stuff.

This mod adds new creatures only and is player friendly with mods that add new NPC, armour, weapons and spells to try and make it more compatible with other mods. You can also use this mod along with any texture or mesh replacers as it uses it's own BSA data file.

Skyrim Monster Mod

Skyrim Monster Mod

Skyrim Monster Mod

Skyrim Monster Mod
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Skyrim Monster Mod

Użytkownik VIP


#1 | Dodany: 28 Maj 2012 12:09

hm po polsku nie ma pewnie co ? bo prezentuje się ciekawie .
Użytkownik VIP


#2 | Dodany: 29 Maj 2012 21:29

Owszem jest spolszczenie


ściągać pierwszy plik od góry (2 plik to stara wersja )

Wymaga podstawowego moda

Użytkownik VIP


#3 | Dodany: 30 Maj 2012 22:18

Głupie pytanie co daje MOD ??
Użytkownik VIP


#4 | Dodany: 2 Czerwiec 2012 13:12

100 nowych stworów i 70 nowych smoków i parę innych cosików :))


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