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Deliria - Faerie Tales for a New Millenium

Dodał: ariuszek 5 Listopad 2011 21:10

Deliria - Faerie Tales for a New Millenium

Deliria - Faerie Tales for a New Millenium

English | ISBN: 1-932115-00-5 | 322 pages | PDF | 507.18 MB

This review was originally written for Games Unplugged, with a word count limit and on a very tight deadline. A brief addendum follows.
I first saw Deliria at GenCon Indy 2003. Flipping through it, I decided that, whether or not it was the best game there, it was certainly the most beautiful. The art alone is worth the cover price.
Deliria is a cross between Neverwhere and everything I've been missing from most RPGs dealing with faerie. The book starts with a familiar premise: that there's a wonderful and perilous world out there. But Deliria tosses the idea that this world is drawing apart from our own because of Nasty Bad Technology out the window, thank goodness. The world of Deliria is indeed affected by our own world, and not all of its inhabitants like this. But many do. One of the things I love about the background is the idea that the faeries are just as fascinated by mortals and the mortal world as mortals are by Deliria and the faeries.
Another thing that feels right is the name of the faerie world: Deliria. It is the etymological equivalent of "fey", but the implication of madness is much clearer to the modern ear.
The first three chapters introduce readers to Deliria, its faerie tale logic, and the kinds of people likely to be found there or crossing between the worlds. The fourth focuses on how to play the game, advocating troupe style play with rotating Guides (GMs). Novice players will do just fine, though a long running campaign may be challenging for novice Guides trying to keep up the mood for longer than a single tale.
My new: Deliria - Faerie Tales for a New Millenium, it contains the corebook (scan, bookmarked) and some extra material (like the CD iso).

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