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Vivelo! Beginning Spanish

Dodał: madacita 6 Listopad 2011 14:37

Vivelo! Beginning Spanish

Vivelo! Beginning Spanish

Vivelo! Beginning Spanish by Dolly J. Young, Jane E. Berne, Pablo Muirhead and Claudia Montoya

Wil y | 2010 | ISBN: 0471727768 | 640 pages | PDF | 134 MB

Learning Spanish can be a difficult process but ?Vivelo! makes it easier by offering a fresh approach. It emphasizes what readers know and can readily do with the language. The book includes activities that are designed to encourage readers to make cultural comparisons and connections. These activities, such as signature searches, information gap and jigsaw, are incorporated throughout the chapters to encourage a better comprehension of meaning with a purpose. ?Vivelo! also offers metacognitive strategies to facilitate processing of advanced structures. The heavy emphasis on content and experiential learning empowers readers to gain a stronger understanding of Spanish.

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