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Korean Language Podcasts - KoreanClass101

Dodał: madacita 19 Grudzień 2011 22:24

Korean Language Podcasts - KoreanClass101

Korean Language Podcasts - KoreanClass101

English | Collection Books and Audio Books | PDF MP3 64kbps | 2.76 GB

These podcasts, complete with .pdf lesson notes, are an extremely effective, fun, and interesting way to learn Korean.
This is up to date as of May 2, 2010.

To stay up to date, you can download more lessons from their website or subscribe to their podcasts.
Included are:
-Absolute Beginner Season 1 (current)
-Beginner Seasons 1-5
-Intermediate Seasons 1-2
-Lower Intermediate Season 1
-Newbie Seasons 1-4
-Idioms and Phrases
Each season contains the complete audio lesson, as well as dialog-only and review files (all tagged into their respective albums). There is also a lesson write up in .pdf format for each lesson, which has the dialog, key vocab, grammar, and more.

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