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SPECTRUM • A Comumunicative Course in English • New Edition

Dodał: gold_user 16 Marzec 2012 18:20

SPECTRUM • A Comumunicative Course in English • New Edition

SPECTRUM • A Comumunicative Course in English • New Edition
• AMERICAN ENGLISH • Levels 1-2-3-4-5-6

Prentice Hall • LONGMAN | English | PDF, MP3 128k (Audio Cassettes) | 2.55 GB

Spectrum: A Communicative Course in English, by Diane Warshawksy and Sandra Costinett (Donald R.H. Byrd, Project Director), is a complete six-level, four skills course for adult and young adult learners of English. Spectrum features a unique "natural" approach to language learning: Rich language input is provided in authentic conversations accompanied by receptive activities that help students absorb new functions, structures, and vocabulary. Real-life language tasks offer both focused practice and opportunities for natural interaction, promoting both fluency and accuracy. Students progress from the beginning to the advanced level as they follow a comprehensive and carefully graded syllabus.

Spectrum also features:
Thematically based lessons
Comprehensive coverage of all four skills
Listening activities in both the Student Book and Workbook
An audio program with authentic-sounding conversations, telephone messages, public announcements, and broadcasts
A complete testing package

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