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CHESS VIDEOS :: Chess on Toast - Volume #1 - Scotch Four Knights (2013)

Dodał: gold_user 24 Luty 2013 19:46

CHESS VIDEOS :: Chess on Toast - Volume #1 - Scotch Four Knights (2013)

Chess on Toast :: Volume #1 :: Scotch Four Knights
for juniors and improving players
2013 | English | Video-DVD | 1h53m | 682.35 MB

Chess on Toast is a brand new series of chess DVDs aimed at juniors and improving players. The Scotch Four Knights is a popular opening at all levels, ranging from beginner to World Champion. White explodes into the centre of the board, leaving black to dodge a barrage of tactical bullets. International Master Lorin D'Costa and chess-software expert Nick Murphy lead you through the twists and turns of this exciting opening!

Lorin D'Costa is an International Master and full-time chess coach. He is the record four-time winner of the UK Chess Challenge, and is the author of two best-selling chess books.

Nick Murphy is an acknowledged chess software expert. He has released two DVDs on how to use the chess programs ChessBase and Fritz. He is exactly the sort of club-level player that you will beat using the ideas in this DVD!

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