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Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 1 Luty 2012 18:31

Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids [Eng]

Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids [Eng]

Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids [Eng]
Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids
440 pages | Publisher: Wiley (November 1, 2011) | ISBN: 0470388455 | PDF | 17.8 Mb

Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids is comprised of contributions from expert authors from leading research groups that present up-to-date quantitative data on the formation, stability, and biological consequences of the asymmetrical organization of lipids in cell membranes.

Incorporating an impressive amount of new, previously uncollected data, the book examines transmembrane asymmetry and movement of lipids in biological membranes, and methods for the measurement of transmembrane lipid motion, emphasizing the role of lipid flippases and discusses biological functions associated with lipid asymmetry. In addition, it draws attention to important new discoveries in the field, such as the correlation between malfunction of lipid flippases and human diseases such as thrombosis and cancer. The book also addresses the manifold methods that are used to measure the rate of transmembrane movement of lipids in biological and model systems.

The only guide to new discoveries regarding lipids in cell membranes, Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids is designed to appeal to biophysicists, biochemists, and cellular and molecular biologists working in the growing field of membrane research.

Transmembrane Dynamics of Lipids [Eng]
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