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Microeconomics [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 5 Luty 2012 17:37

Microeconomics [Eng]

Microeconomics [Eng]

Microeconomics [Eng]
Microeconomics By Robert Pindyck, Daniel Rubinfeld
Pr\\e.,.nti\\ce Ha\\ll; 7 edition 2009 | 754 Pages | ISBN: 0132080230 | PDF | 164 MB

KEY BENEFIT: This book is well known for its coverage of modern topics (Game theory, Economics of Information, and Behavioral Economics), clarity of its writing style and graphs, and integrated use of real world examples.

KEY TOPICS: The emphasis on relevance and application to both managerial and public-policy decision-making are focused goals of the book. This emphasis is accomplished by including MANY extended examples that cover such topics as the analysis of demand, cost, and market efficiency; the design of pricing strategies; investment and production decisions; and public policy analysis.
Economists and strategists looking to stay current with economic information.

Microeconomics [Eng]
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