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PC World USA - April 2012 [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 10 Marzec 2012 22:10

PC World USA - April 2012 [Eng]

PC World USA - April 2012 [Eng]

PC World USA - April 2012 [Eng]
PC World USA - April 2012
English | 100 pages | PDF | 63 Mb

PCWorld is the most widely-read computer or business magazine among all purchase influencers, with a readership of over 4.8 million (IntelliQuest CIMS Spring 2006: Total unduplicated, combined Average Issue Audience: Business, Home, and Dual Studies). The winner of more editorial awards than any other computer publication, including the 2005 Maggie Award for Best Computer Magazine, PCWorld is targeted to meet the informational needs of Tech-Savvy Managers, both at work and at home. With its monthly Reviews and Rankings backed by the PCWorld Test Center, news, how-to articles, features, and special reports, PCWorld helps managers plan, buy, use, and integrate the technologies that keep them and their companies ahead of the competition.

PC World USA - April 2012 [Eng]
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#1 | Dodany: 27 Marzec 2012 19:46

PC World Magazine (USA) - April 2012

Release Name: PC World
Country: USA (English)
Format: PDF
Date: April 2012
Pages: 100 pages
Size: 63 MB



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