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Language: the Basics, 2 Ed [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 25 Luty 2012 22:13

Language: the Basics, 2 Ed [Eng]

Language: the Basics, 2 Ed  [Eng]

Language: the Basics, 2 Ed  [Eng]
Language: the Basics, 2 Ed by R.L. Trask
Ro.utle,dge | 1999 | ISBN: 041520089X | 244 pages | PDF | 12 MB

Language: The Basics provides a concise introduction to the study of language. Written in an engaging and entertaining style, it encourages the reader to think about the way language works. New features in the second edition include: a chapter on ’Language in Use’ which introduces pragmatics, metaphor, speech and writing and discourse analysis a section on sign language a glossary of key terms an expanded further reading section. Language: the Basics provides an accessible overview of a fascinating subject. It is an essential book for all students and anyone who’s ever been accused of splitting an infinitive.

Language: the Basics, 2 Ed  [Eng]
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