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Food (Eyewitness Guide) [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 4 Marzec 2012 19:53

Food (Eyewitness Guide) [Eng]

Food (Eyewitness Guide) [Eng]

Food (Eyewitness Guide) [Eng]
Food (Eyewitness Guide) ин Laura Buller
DK CHILDREN | 2005 | ISBN: 0756611717 | 72 pages | PDF | 50,6 MB

Whether you want to learn about what makes organic food different or how your body breaks it down, this guide will show you the inside story of everything edible. See, learn and discover everything about food, from what is healthy to eat and the different ways of cooking, to GM crops and the changing ways we farm livestock. Easy-to-follow descriptions and photographs make the story of food fun to digest!

Food by Eyewitness Books is a great resource to have in the classroom for any time that students need to do further research on food or nutrition. The information is sophisticated and the text is dense, so this book would be best for older students. It takes a full and comprehensive look at every food group, and also looks at other sides of nutrition, such as organic foods and the practice of making healthy choices with food.

One feature of this book that I particularly like is the section that talks about food and culture. It is important for kids to understand that food means different things to different cultures, and that different cultures tend to eat different kinds of foods. The information in this text is accurate and accessible, and it presents the information in an entertaining way. This text also promotes a healthy lifestyle and makes healthy recommendations in order to do so.

Food (Eyewitness Guide) [Eng]
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