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Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 4 Marzec 2012 19:54

Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance [Eng]

Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance [Eng]

Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance [Eng]
Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance By Steve Wright, Corey Erkes
Publisher: A//pre\\ss 2012 | 332 Pages | ISBN: 1430240776 | EPUB + PDF | 5 MB + 37 MB

Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance is the first book on the market focusing exclusively on the essential guidance necessary for leveraging SharePoint 2010 within your organization's intranet, extranet or Internet environment for maximum business value. Effective governance allows your organization to promote the adoption of SharePoint’s productivity-enhancing features while maintaining security and control over your organization's most vital information.

Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance presents comprehensive guidance, from the basics of “What is governance?” to the detailed considerations of IT, information and application management. Using the conceptual framework promoted by Microsoft and augmented with detailed discussions, recommendations and checklists, you will have all the information you need to streamline the governance of your SharePoint sites.

• Teaches the concepts and benefits of SharePoint site governance.
• Discusses advanced features and techniques for implementing governance in your organization.
• Provides detailed recommendations, templates and checklists for jump-starting your governance effort.

What you’ll learn
• Create a governance strategy that is appropriate for your SharePoint sites
• Establish a governance committee that will provide leadership and act as advocates for the users of the system
• Implement a set of policies and controls that are both complete and flexible enough to drive value and innovation within the organization
• Create training and user adoption strategies that will make your solution an integral part of your user’s work day
• Deliver information and services to your users that reflect the values and needs of your organization
• Secure your organization’s vital competitive information while managing compliance and legal requirements
Who this book is for
Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance is for the IT professional or executive responsible for establishing policies and controls around an organization’s use of the SharePoint 2010 platform. This may include intranet, extranet or Internet web sites based on the SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Server products. Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance provides high-level guidance and strategies for executives who need to lead their organizations toward a productive, secure collaboration or publishing environment with excellent return-on-investment (ROI) potential. It is also for IT and business professionals who need to understand the features and techniques that provide the controls required to create, maintain and enhance these environments.

Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance [Eng]
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