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Economics and the Business Environment, 2nd Edition [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 11 Marzec 2012 22:41

Economics and the Business Environment, 2nd Edition [Eng]

Economics and the Business Environment, 2nd Edition [Eng]

Economics and the Business Environment, 2nd Edition [Eng]
Economics and the Business Environment, 2nd Edition by John Sloman
F,in,an.c.ial Ti,m/es P…ice H..,ll | 2007-11-15 | ISBN: 0273710370 | 464 pages | PDF | 124 MB

Economics and the Business Environment Second Edition John Sloman Economics and the Business Environment is unique in introducing the essential principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics and applying them to the world of business. Consideration is also given to wider, topical business issues, such as business strategy, corporate social responsibility, ethics and the state of the global environment in which we live today. Classic Sloman features:

*Key ideas explained in context and cross-referenced throughout the book.
*Technical terms defined in the margin of the page where they first appear.
*Pause-for-thought questions, integrated throughout, encourage reflective learning.
*A vast range of cases and applied material demonstrate how economics can be used to understand real business situations, including case studies on the London Olympics, investing in Chinaand companies such as Samsung, Dyson, Body Shop and The Gap.
*Direct and straight-forward writing style with short paragraphs to aid rapid comprehension.

What's new:

*Realigned into four parts with global business environment coverage integrated further into the text.
*New and extended coverage of STEEPLE analysis, the application of game theory to business situations, transactions cost analysis, the economics of entrepreneurship, business ethics and corporate social responsibility and the competitive advantage of nations.
*Captions added to figures and diagrams to explain their properties and to highlight key features.
*The list of business issues covered at the start of each chapter is now accompanied by a chapter map showing the topics to be covered and their respective pages.
*21 new boxes included in this edition to provide further case-study material. As its new title illustrates, Economics and the Business Environment, now in its second edition, is ideal for both introductory courses in economics taught from a business perspective and business environment modules with an economic underpinning.

Get interactive with Sloman! This textbook is accompanied by a Companion Website with Grade Tracker rich in resources to enable you to assess your own learning. The website includes: *An online workbook and study guide, with interactive exercises, diagrams that you can manipulate, videos and links to articles and other materials.* Self-test questions organised by chapter with automatic feedback and grading. *Economic news articles, updated monthly. *Hotlinks to over 200 useful websites, listed at the end of the book and referred to at the end of each part. *Extra case studies with question for self study, listed at the end of each part. Visit www.pearsoned.co.uk/sloman and get interactive with Sloman. To gain access, simply redeem your unique access code inside this book. John Slomanis Director of The Economics Network the economics subject centre of the Higher Education Academy based at the Universityof Bristol. He is the author of several best-selling textbooks in economics also published by Pearson Education and used by students across the world. For a list of these titles please see the last page of the text.

Economics and the Business Environment, 2nd Edition [Eng]
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