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Introducing HTML5 Game Development [Eng]

Dodał: latyczak 13 Marzec 2012 20:28

Introducing HTML5 Game Development [Eng]

Introducing HTML5 Game Development [Eng]

Introducing HTML5 Game Development [Eng]
Introducing HTML5 Game Development By Jesse Freeman
Publisher: O'R[ei]lly Me]dia 2012 | 120 Pages | ISBN: 1449315178 | EPUB + PDF | 4 MB + 7 MB

Making video games is hard work that requires technical skills, a lot of planning, and—most critically—a commitment to completing the project. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create a real 2D game from start to finish. In the process, you’ll use Impact, the javascript game framework that works with HTML5’s Canvas element.
Not only will you pick up important tips about game design, you’ll also learn how to publish Impact games to the Web, desktop, and mobile—including a method to package your game as a native iOS app. Packed with screen shots and sample code, this book is ideal for game developers of all levels.

• Set up your development environment and discover Impact’s advantages
• Build a complete game with core logic, collision detection, and player and monster behavior
• Learn why a game design document is critical before you start building
• Display and animate game artwork with sprite sheets
• Add sound effects, background music, and text
• Create screens to display stats and in-game status
• Prepare to publish by baking your game files into a single file

Introducing HTML5 Game Development [Eng]
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