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Crude Oil Exploration in the World

Dodał: latyczak 20 Marzec 2012 15:11

Crude Oil Exploration in the World

Crude Oil Exploration in the World

Crude Oil Exploration in the World
Crude Oil Exploration in the World ed. by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Younes
In Te O | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103790, 9789535103790 | 229 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Exploring for oil and gas Traps is one of the main aim of this book which represents an important part of the Treatise of Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry in the world. "Crude Oil Exploration in the World" contains multidisciplinary chapters in the fields of prospection and exploration of crude oils all over the world in addition to environmental impact assessments, oil spills and marketing of crude oils.

1 Crude Oil Geochemistry Dependent Biomarker Distributions in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
2 Hydrocarbon Potentials in the Northern Western Desert of Egypt
3 Crude Oil and Fractional Spillages Resulting from Exploration and Exploitation in Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria: A Review About the Environmental and Public Health Impact
4 Magnetic Susceptibility of Petroleum Reservoir Crude Oils in Petroleum Engineering
5 Environmental Bases on the Exploitation of Crude Oil in Mexico
6 Spreading and Retraction of Spilled Crude Oil on Sea Water
7 Fate of Subsurface Migration of Crude Oil Spill: A Review
8 Crude Oil Transportation: Nigerian Niger Delta Waxy Crude
9 Degradation of Petroleum Fractions in Soil Under Natural Environment: A Gravimetric and Gas Chromatographic Analysis
10 To what Extent Do Oil Prices Depend on the Value of US Dollar: Theoretical Investigation and Empirical Evidence
11 A State-of-the-Art Review of Finance Research in Physical and Financial Trading Markets in Crude Oil

Crude Oil Exploration in the World
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