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Oceanography ed. by Marco Marcelli
In T e O | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103011, 9789535103011 | 358 pages | PDF | 32 MB

This book keeps together some examples coming from different fields of studies. The chapters of the book underline the international technological efforts in order to realize more and more efficient devices and platforms for the study of oceanographic processes.

Part 1 Methods in Oceanography
1 Open-Sea Observatories: A New Technology to Bring the Pulse of the Sea to Human Awareness
2 New Technological Developments for Oceanographic Observations
3 Application of the Long-Term Delayed Luminescence for Study of Natural Water Environments
4 An Introduction to FY-3/MERSI, Ocean Colour Algorithm, Product and Application
5 Seismic Oceanography: A New Geophysical Tool to Investigate the Thermohaline Structure of the Oceans
Part 2 Physical Oceanography
6 Variability of Internal Solitary Waves in the Northwest South China Sea
7 Bodies of Water Along the Coast of a Tideless Sea in Areas with Young Pleistocene Accumulation from Scandinavian Glaciers (Baltic Sea)
8 Prediction of Wave Height Based on the Monitoring of Surface Wind
Part 3 Chemical Oceanography
9 Oxygenated Hydrocarbons in Coastal Waters
10 Organic-Aggregate-Attached Bacteria in Aquatic Ecosystems: Abundance, Diversity, Community Dynamics and Function
Part 4 Applied Ecology
11 Connectivity as a Management Tool for Coastal Ecosystems in Changing Oceans
12 Geochemical Changes in Aquatic Environment Caused by Deep Dredging - A Case Study: The Puck Bay (Baltic Sea)
13 Fisheries and Biodiversity in the Upper Gulf of California, Mexico
14 On the Chemical Profile of Marine Organisms from Coastal Subtropical Environments: Gross Composition and Nitrogen-to-Protein Conversion Factors
15 Ecology and Zoogeography of Parasites

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