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Contact Dermatitis

Dodał: latyczak 27 Marzec 2012 21:56

Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis
Contact Dermatitis ed. by Young Suck Ro
In T e O | 2011 | ISBN: 9533075778, 9789533075778 | 189 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book centralizes on the subject of contact dermatitis. It aims to provide the dermatologist with a sound base of clinical wisdom and key scientific findings to make an accurate diagnosis and management plan.

- Describes numerous possible allergens that cause contact dermatitis.
- Provides details of research in the basic sciences to help our readers understand more about contact dermatitis.
- Provides a comprehensive description of recently developed methods that have evolved for the diagnosis of contact dermatitis.
- Provides a concise, clinically focused, user-friendly format, which can rapidly improve your knowledge of the disease.

Part 1 Epidemiology
1 Epidemiology of Contact Dermatitis
Part 2 Pathogenesis
2 Animal Models of Contact Dermatitis
3 Keratinocytes, Innate Immunity and Allergic Contact Dermatitis - Opportunities for the Development of In Vitro Assays to Predict the Sensitizing Potential of Chemicals
Part 3 Patch Testing
4 Allergens (Patch Test Studies) From the European Baseline Series
5 Topical Delivery of Haptens: Methods of Modulation of the Cutaneous Permeability to Increase the Diagnosis of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
6 Progress on the Development of Human In Vitro Assays for Assessment of the Sensitizing Potential of a Compound: Breaking Down the In Vivo Events
Part 4 Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Specific Allergens
7 Dental Metal Allergy
Part 5 Contact Dermatitis in Children
8 Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Children
9 Contact Dermatitis in Children

Contact Dermatitis
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