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Nuclear Power Plants

Dodał: latyczak 27 Marzec 2012 23:00

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants ed. by Soon Heung Chang
In Te O | 2012 | ISBN: 9535104087, 9789535104087 | 349 pages | PDF | 25 MB

This book covers various topics, from thermal-hydraulic analysis to the safety analysis of nuclear power plant, written by more than 30 authors. It does not focus only on current power plant issues. Instead, it aims to address the challenging ideas that can be implemented in and used for the development of future nuclear power plants. This book will take the readers into the world of innovative research and development of future plants.

1 Analysis of Emergency Planning Zones in Relation to Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Economic Optimization for International Reactor Innovative and Secure
2 Evolved Fuzzy Control System for a Steam Generator
3 Deterministic Analysis of Beyond Design Basis Accidents in RBMK Reactors
4 Cross-Flow-induced-Vibrations in Heat Exchanger Tube Bundles: A Review
5 The Gap Measurement Technology and Advanced RVI Installation Method for Construction Period Reduction of a PWR
6 Strategic Environmental Considerations of Nuclear Power
7 Investigation on Two-Phase Flow Characteristics in Nuclear Power Equipment
8 Analysis of Primary/Containment Coupling Phenomena Characterizing the MASLWR Design During a SBLOCA Scenario
9 Radiobiological Characterization Environment Around Object "Shelter"
10 Radiochemical Separation of Nickel for 59Ni and 63Ni Activity Determination in Nuclear Waste Samples
11 AREVA Fatigue Concept - A Three Stage Approach to the Fatigue Assessment of Power Plant Components
12 Phase Composition Study of Corrosion Products at NPP

Nuclear Power Plants
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