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Advances in Spatial Planning

Dodał: latyczak 29 Marzec 2012 14:17

Advances in Spatial Planning

Advances in Spatial Planning

Advances in Spatial Planning
Advances in Spatial Planning ed. by Jaroslav Burian
In T e O | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103776, 9789535103776 | 376 pages | PDF | 22 MB

This book presents the current state of theories, data, analysis methods and modeling techniques used in several case studies. The book also shows different aspects of spatial planning and different approaches to case studies in several countries.
Spatial planning is a significant part of geosciences that is developing very rapidly. Many new methods and modeling techniques like GIS (Geographical Information Systems), GPS (Global Positioning Systems) or remote sensing techniques have been developed and applied in various aspects of spatial planning.

The book is divided into three main parts (Theoretical aspects of spatial planning, Quantitative and computer spatial planning methods and Practical applications of spatial planning) that cover the latest advances in urban, city and spatial planning.

Part 1 Theoretical Aspects of Spatial Planning
1 Philosophical Urbanism and the Predilections of Urban Design
2 Fluid Planning: A Meaningless Concept or a Rational Response to Uncertainty in Urban Planning?
3 Strategy Planning of Sustainable Urban Development
4 A Model of Urban Infrastructural Planning in a Traditional African City: A Case Study of llorin, Nigeria
Part 2 Quantitative and Computer Spatial Planning Methods
5 Integrated Spatial Assessment (ISA): A Multi- Methodological Approach for Planning Choices
6 A Program Management Information System for Managing Urban Renewals
7 Quantitative Methods in Environmental and Visual Quality Mapping and Assessment: A Muskegon, Michigan Watershed Case Study with Urban Planning Implications
8 Identification and Analysis of Urbanization and Suburbanization in Olomouc Region - Possibilities of GIS Analytical Tools
9 Analyzing Neighbourhoods Suitable for Urban Renewal Programs with Autocorrelation Techniques
10 Walkability Index in the Urban Planning: A Case Study in Olomouc City
11 Statistical Analysis of Environmental Quality Indices in an Urban Street Network
Part 3 Practical Applications of Spatial Planning
12 Post-Industrial Land Transformation - An Approach to Sociocultural Aspects as Catalysts for Urban Redevelopment
13 City Image - Operational Instrument in Urban Space Management - A Romanian Sample
14 Healthy Places, Healthy People: Living Environment Factors Associated with Physical Activity in Urban Areas
15 Agglomeration Economies Versus Urban Diseconomies:The Case of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA) of Costa Rica
16 Urban Micro-Spatiality in Tokyo: Case Study on Six Yokocho Bar Districts
17 Integration of Hydrological and Regional and Urban Planning in Spain

Advances in Spatial Planning
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