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Exploring the Solar Wind

Dodał: latyczak 29 Marzec 2012 14:25

Exploring the Solar Wind

Exploring the Solar Wind

Exploring the Solar Wind
Exploring the Solar Wind ed. by Marian Lazar
In T e O | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103394, 9789535103394 | 472 pages | PDF | 40 MB

This book consists of a selection of original papers of the leading scientists in the fields of Space and Planetary Physics, Solar and Space Plasma Physics with important contribu- tions to the theory, modeling and experimental techniques of the solar wind exploration. Its purpose is to provide the means for interested readers to become familiar with the cur- rent knowledge of the solar wind formation and elemental composition, the interplanetary dynamical evolution and acceleration of the charged plasma particles, and the guiding magnetic field that connects to the magnetospheric field lines and adjusts the effects of the solar wind on Earth.

Part 1 The Solar Wind- Overview of the Fundamentals
1 Solar Wind Laws Valid for any Phase of a Solar Cycle
2 Solar Wind: Origin, Properties and Impact on Earth
Part 2 The Solar Wind Elemental Compos ition
3 Solar Wind Composition Associated with the Solar Activity
4 Solar Wind and Solar System Matter After Mission Genesis
5 Measuring the Isotopic Composition of Solar Wind Noble Gases
6 Solar Wind Noble Gases in Micro meteorites
Part 3 The Solar Wind Dynamics- From Large to Small Scales
7 Multifractal Turbulence in the Heliosphere
8 Fie Id-Aligned Current Mechanisms of Prominence Destabilization
9 Small Scale Processes in the Solar Wind
10 Kinetic Models of Solar Wind Electrons, Protons and Heavy Ions
11 Suprathermal Particle Populations in the Solar Wind and Corona
Part 4 The Solar Wind Magnetic Field Powered by the Sun
12 Impact of the Large-Scale Solar Magnetic Field on the Solar Corona and Solar Wind
13 Variability of Low Energy Cosmic Rays Near Earth
Part 5 The Interaction of the Solar Wind with the Magnetosphere
14 Impact of Solar Wind on the Earth Magnetosphere: Recent Progress in the Modeling of Ring Current and Radiation Belts
15 Ground-Based Monitoring of the Solar Wind Geoefficiency
16 The Polar Cap PC Indices: Relations to Solar Wind and Global Disturbances
17 Sudden Impulses in the Magnetosphere and at Ground
18 Turbulence in the Magnetosheath and the Problem of Plasma Penetration Inside the Magnetosphere
19 Solar Wind Sails

Exploring the Solar Wind
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