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Solar Radiation

Dodał: latyczak 29 Marzec 2012 14:27

Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation
Solar Radiation ed. by Elisha B. Babatunde
In T e O | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103844, 9789535103844 | 494 pages | PDF | 24 MB

The book contains fundamentals of solar radiation, its ecological impacts, applications, especially in agriculture, architecture, thermal and electric energy. Chapters are written by numerous experienced scientists in the field from various parts of the world. This book aims to provide a clear scientific insight on Solar Radiation to scientist and students.

Apart from chapter one which is the introductory chapter of the book, that gives a general topic insight of the book, there are 24 more chapters that cover various fields of solar radiation. These fields include: Measurements and Analysis of Solar Radiation, Agricultural Application / Bio-effect, Architectural Application, Electricity Generation Application and Thermal Energy Application.

Part 1 Introduction
1 Solar Radiation, a Friendly Renewable Energy Source
Part 2 Solar Radiation Fundamentals, Measurement and Analysis
2 The Relationship Between Incoming Solar Radiation and Land Surface Energy Fluxes
3 Interannual and Intraseasonal Variations of the Available Solar Radiation
4 A New Method to Estimate the Temporal Fraction of Cloud Cover
5 Impact of Solar Radiation Data and Its Absorption Schemes on Ocean Model Simulations
6 Variation Characteristics Analysis of Ultraviolet Radiation Measured from 2005 to 2010 in Beijing China
7 Solar Radiation Models and Information for Renewable Energy Applications
8 Correlation and Persistence in Global Solar Radiation
9 Surface Albedo Estimation and Variation Characteristics at a Tropical Station
Part 3 Agricultural Application - Bioeffect
10 Solar Radiation in Tidal Flat
11 Solar Radiation Effect on Crop Production
12 Effects of Solar Radiation on Animal Thermoregulation
13 Solar Radiation Utilization by Tropical Forage Grasses: Light Interception and Use Efficiency
14 Effects of Solar Radiation on Fertility and the Flower Opening Time in Rice Under Heat Stress Conditions
Part 4 Architectural Application
15 Innovative Devices for Day lighting and Natural Ventilation in Architecture
16 Solar Radiation in Buildings, Transfer and Simulation Procedures
17 An Approach to Overhang Design, Istanbul Example
Part 5 Electricity Application
18 Optimized Hybrid Modulation Algorithm to Control Large Unbalances in Voltage and Intensity in the NP Point of an NPC Converter
19 Potential Applications for Solar Photocatalysis: From Environmental Remediation to Energy Conversion
20 Utility Scale Solar Power with Minimal Energy Storage
Part 6 Thermal Application
21 An Opaque Solar Lumber Drying House Covered by a Composite Surface
22 The Summer Thermal Behaviour of "Skin" Materials in Greek Cities as a Decisive Parameter for Their Selection
23 Safe Drinking Water Generation by Solar-Driven Fenton-Like Processes
24 Application of Asphalt Bonded Solar Thermogenerator in Poultry House Illumination

Solar Radiation
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