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ABC Pronunciary • American English Pronunciation Dictionary (2001)

Dodał: gold_user 27 Kwiecień 2012 10:03

ABC Pronunciary • American English Pronunciation Dictionary (2001)

ABC Pronunciary • American English Pronunciation Dictionary
VOCALIS | 2001 | ISBN 097099480X | English | AVI, PDF | 114 pages | 218 MB

ABC Pronunciary teaches how to pronounce the alphabet right and simple way. Pronunciation of vowels, consonants and some basic phonetic phenomena tricks are given in an easy-to-train way. All 51 English sounds have been described, the main articulatory principles have been given backed up with colored photos and pictured examples. Besides, there are some practical exercises included in the course for revision. The main advantage of the video course of 50 min duration is its multifaceted approach as students are able to see, hear and read how to pronounce the sounds. This study is for Beginning-to-Intermediate students but might be of anybody striving to master their pronunciation and oral skills.

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Można prosić na jakiś normalny serwer :)


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