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SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch

Dodał: latyczak 26 Kwiecień 2012 08:15

SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch

SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch

SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch
SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch By Paul Ferrill
2012 | 80 Pages | ISBN: 144932116X | EPUB | 5 MB

Build custom business applications for SharePoint with Visual Studio LightSwitch—including intuitive apps that don’t require a single line of code. This example-driven guide takes non-programmers step-by-step through the process of creating simple apps and utilities, and shows programmers familiar with C# or Visual Basic how to build customized applications with more functionality.

Discover how to build and test your applications quickly without a lot of expensive server hardware. Once you get up to speed with LightSwitch, you’ll create quality line-of-business applications tailored to specific customer needs in no time, whether you work in-house or for a vendor.

• Learn how the LightSwitch Presentation, Logic, and Storage layers work behind the scenes
• Configure your SharePoint server and workstation to work with this development environment
• Navigate the graphical environment and its various user screens
• Use examples to build simple single-function applications for search and data entry
• Expand your app’s capabilities by using LightSwitch extensions and Silverlight controls
• Connect your LightSwitch app to external data sources, such as Excel, SQL Server, SQLite, and cloud-based applications

SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch
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