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Muscle & Fitness – 101 Workouts [ENG]

Dodał: Cloudx 29 Czerwiec 2012 11:33

Muscle & Fitness – 101 Workouts [ENG]

Muscle & Fitness – 101 Workouts [ENG]

Format: PDF
Rozmiar: 13 MB
Jakość: Bardzo Dobra

Muscle & Fitness has provided a program of rapid-fire core workouts for those seeking to “get moving” on a weight-training fitness program or for those who wish to expand, freshen-up, and enhance their workout regimen. There are 101 fully photo-illustrated workouts presented almost one per every page spread. This concept allows the enthusiast the opportunity to glance at the photo during a workout to check their faithful following of the routine. Whether one is a novice or an experienced weight trainer there is a chapter that focuses on a workout plan just for your progress level. And there is a guide to designing your own personalized workout system. Your fitness and well-being are considered with section presenting a cardio primer and there’s a feature on basic fitness nutrition, as well. 101 Workouts For Men provides a complete one-stop get-fit package for fitness enthusiasts.

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