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Richter-Veresov System :: Chameleon Chess Repertoire

Dodał: gold_user 18 Wrzesień 2012 18:36

Richter-Veresov System :: Chameleon Chess Repertoire

The Richter-Veresov System
The Chameleon Chess Repertoire 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 d5. 3 Bg5

by GM Eduard Gufeld and Oleg Stetsko
New Ideas in the Richter-Veresov Queen's Pawn Opening
Thinkers' Press | 1999 | English | PDF | 194 pages | 5.5 MB

Ultimately, most of us play to win and, we'll try anything legal, including playing a "system" which often can wriggle into a King's Pawn opening (French, Pirc, Philidor, Caro-Kann, or Pirc Defence) by beginning with 1. d4! Seven chapters concentrate on avoiding the Richter-Veresov proper. However, seventeen chapters do concentrate on a straightforward method of play which can involve excitement, combinations, and daring as much as any other chess opening. Over 550 game citations are offered, including 21 by master Veresov and 10 by master Richter. Modern grandmaster treatments are seen by Mestrovic, Miles, and Morozevich—the M&Ms. This comprehensive 1999 study is the first since Bellin's 1983 work.

About the Authors
Grandmaster Gufeld (deceased) was a prodigious chess writer, formerly from the Soviet Union, as is his research assistant Master Oleg Stetsko. Gufeld has won matches against such chess notables as Vassily Smyslov, Mikhail Tal, and Boris Spassky. Stetsko is an expert theoretician and researcher who has written many other diligently researched opening books.

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