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CHESS VIDEOS • The Busy Man's Chess Openings • Volume 1-2-3

Dodał: gold_user 26 Wrzesień 2012 17:24

CHESS VIDEOS • The Busy Man's Chess Openings • Volume 1-2-3

The Busy Man's Chess Openings • Volume 1-2-3
Thinkers Press | 2010 | English | 7 DVDs | 18 hours | 5.6 GB

You still want to play competetive chess, you just don't have the time to study to win like you used to. Now you can, in less then eight hours, get a complete repertoire. Three systems designed to blow your opponents away!

IM Andrew Martin introduces you to:

Volume 1:
The Colle Koltanowski (3 hours)
A "wicked" variation of the Rubinstein French (and others, 2 hours)
The 1...b6 Defence (2.5 hours)

Volume 2 - Black Shockers:
A Queen's Gambit Double Declined
A Slippery Sicilian
The French Fort Knox
An Old Benoni which defies and even improves on ECO!

Volume 3 - White Shockers:
The Ruy Lopez Exchange
Closed Sicilian Defense Extended
1.a3; Don't laugh-see the wins
Caro-Kann a la N. Short
Scandinavian "new"
Old Speckled Hen (after a beer)
Polar Bear (Reversed Leningrad Dutch)

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