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Revenant (1999/MULTI2/RePack by Sanctuary)

Dodał: ariuszek 9 Listopad 2011 13:05

Revenant (1999/MULTI2/RePack by Sanctuary)

Revenant (1999/MULTI2/RePack by Sanctuary)

Year: 1999 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: Cinematix Studios | Publisher:Eidos Interactive | 107MB
Genre: RPG / Action / Isometric

Troubled times have come to the island Aquilon. On the island appeared a mysterious cult of "Children of Change." His vicious cultists sharyatsya nights on the town and luring good citizens in their paws stick, trick or kicks. Valiant Guard no longer able to stop them.

Affected by cultists even Lord Tendrik - the ruler of Aquilonia. Adversaries are so brazen that took him a daughter. Now he no rest ... But there are counselor Sardok, through which the disconsolate father agrees to call from the depths of hell once mighty local soldier - Locke D'Averama.
Unfortunately designed to "savior" suffers total amnesia, lack of respect for elders and stern temperament. Locke does not shrink from the hilt of the sword of the enemy vdarit on the forehead, to yield to boot in the stomach, close up faerbollom in person ... and then another, and beautiful finish exhausted carcass. In a nutshell - a real hero. And this hero you have to walk around the picturesque island with fire and sword, carrying spravedlisvost enemies and destruction. And when the enemies die, quenched the flames of war, and the cult will be only a memory, all will live happily ever after. I guess ...

» vigorous bouts with fighting game elements
» large quantity of weapons and spells
» several fighting styles
» many tricks, combos and finishing moves
» creation of rune spells formulas
» a really cool hero
» somewhere out there waiting for a beautiful lady
» and beautiful!

In repak includes:
» English version of Revenant 1.22
» Russian version - the translation
» No-CD
» minimalistic installer
» there is no music in the game, because in the original is read from an audio CD

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 95 / 98
Processor: 266 MHz
Memory: 64MB
Video: 8MB, DirectX 6
Sound system: Direct Sound
Hard disk space: 700MB
Game Pad: not prevent

Revenant (1999/MULTI2/RePack by Sanctuary)

Revenant (1999/MULTI2/RePack by Sanctuary)

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#1 | Dodany: 10 Listopad 2011 09:20

Fajna gierka !!!!
Polecam !!!!!! thx


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