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Prince of Qin Dynasty (2004/MULTI2/RePack by jeRaff)

Dodał: madacita 14 Grudzień 2011 13:01

Prince of Qin Dynasty (2004/MULTI2/RePack by jeRaff)

Prince of Qin Dynasty (2004/MULTI2/RePack by jeRaff)

Prince of Qin Dynasty (2004/MULTI2/RePack by jeRaff)
Year:2004 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: Object Software | Publisher: Strategy First / 1C | 1.12 GB
Genre: Action / RPG / isometric

In this game you will travel back to 2200 years ago, and appear in ancient China - a country whose history is full of mysticism, philosophy, mysteries and secrets. On your way, which will run more than a hundred locations, meet dozens of characters, and a vast arsenal of weapons, a lot of items and changing the course of the game features a character will make your adventure exciting, fun, memorable experience.

- Ability to create a unique character of any of the five classes in the game;
- Several different scenarios for the game: a specific outcome will depend solely on your actions;
- Weight spell five magic schools - Metal, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire;
- Ability to create your own objects and artifacts by combining different elements;
- Reliable information about the history of the dynasty of Kin.

Operating System:
Microsoft ® Windows ® 98/Me/2000/XP;
Processor: Pentium ® 1 GHz;
Memory: 256 MB;
Video Card: 128 MB;
Hard Drive: 1.8 GB free space.


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#1 | Dodany: 23 Grudzień 2011 14:15

Do bani. Pliki uszkodzone ban


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