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Ninja Blade v1.0 (2009/MULTI2/Repack by R.G. UniGamers)

Dodał: madacita 28 Grudzień 2011 13:22

Ninja Blade v1.0 (2009/MULTI2/Repack by R.G. UniGamers)

Ninja Blade v1.0 (2009/MULTI2/Repack by R.G. UniGamers)

Ninja Blade v1.0 (2009/MULTI2/Repack by R.G. UniGamers)
Year: 2009 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: Action Forms | Publisher: Microsoft | 2.72 GB
Genre: Action (Slasher) / 3D / 3rd Person

The history of medicine is replete with references to many different viruses, but none of them did not threaten people to death so terrible that the mind itself rebelled against what happened. However, a terrible plague which broke out on the streets of Tokyo, was just such a deadly curse. Causing genetic mutations and turning people into fierce monsters, it is rapidly expanding its "ownership" and is about to spill outside the city. Eventually, the virus could spread across the planet, and then centuries old and formidable history of human civilization is broken forever.

However, the chance to rectify the situation is, even if it seems hopeless. The main thing - to develop a clear plan and find a decent performers. That you will be one of them. In the role of Ken Ogawa, the leader of a team of professional modern ninja, you desantiruetes on the roof of Tokyo skyscraper, to understand what is happening "inside" the infected town. But jewelry calibrated operation immediately flies upside down. Someone betrays the group, and eventually you find yourself face to face with the inhabitants of Tokyo, from which the disease wiping out all human. Who and what is committed treason? How to stop a pandemic disease? The answers to these questions lie at the end of a dangerous, but incredibly interesting way.


Vision Ninja. Ken has unique abilities that distinguish a ninja from a mere mortal. Using Vision Ninja (Ninja Vision), he finds the weaknesses in their enemies, and secret passageways and hidden information in the field. But remember - went into this particular condition, the hero becomes more vulnerable to attack from the enemy.
Blow Todd. UNindzya - professional killer. At your disposal is their secret technique of killing the enemy - blow Todd (Todome), which instantly breaks the heart of the enemy. Proper combination of Todd and Vision Ninja necessary for survival in the deadly Tokyo.
Technique of "Ninjutsu". True masters are able not only to kill, but also stun enemies. Mastered a special technique of "Ninjutsu", you can cause an explosive electric wave, which confuses the enemy and even protects against the attack.
Photographic accuracy. Ninja Blade - is the saga of modern ninja, operating in a real metropolis. All the skyscrapers and buildings in the game with the houses sketched this Tokyo.

Features Repack'a:
- Repak is based on a license from ND
- Do not recoded / Do not cut
- Installation time ~ 11 minutes
- Game Version: 1.0
- To install you will need 512 MB of RAM
Repak group:
Ninja Blade v1.0 (2009/RUS/ENG/Repack from RG UniGamers)
Author repack: ShTeCvV

System requirements:

* Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
* Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO E8500 (3.16 GHz
* Memory: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista / 7)
* Hard diske: 4.5 GB
* Sound Card: Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT with 256 MB VRAM or better

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Użytkownik VIP


#1 | Dodany: 28 Grudzień 2011 13:35

This is not a democracy.
It is not truth that matters, but victory.
Użytkownik VIP


#2 | Dodany: 28 Grudzień 2011 19:57

Dajcie na FS jeśli możecie.
Użytkownik VIP


#3 | Dodany: 28 Grudzień 2011 20:40

Użytkownik VIP


#4 | Dodany: 28 Grudzień 2011 23:38

Dodam tylko iż niezależnie od MOCY kompa gra ścina !
Można jednak temu zaradzić - trzeba podłączyć BYLE jaki dżojstik pod USB ... ;)
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400
nVidia GTX465
4 GB DDR3 Patriot Sector5 1600MHz
Asus P5Q3
Użytkownik VIP


#5 | Dodany: 29 Grudzień 2011 01:16

Mi na moim ic2d 2.4gh, 2gb ramków i 512 gf 9400 gt. smiga na maxa bez scinek. (W7)
PSP 3004 5.03gen-c
Xbox 360 Elite Jasp. LT 3.0

Masz problemy z wypalaniem gier na xkloca?. Napisz do mnie a postaram cos poradzic ;)
Użytkownik VIP


#6 | Dodany: 30 Grudzień 2011 23:29

Siemka, wszystko eleagandzko tylko powiedzcie mi jak odpalić grę w języku ENG ?
Użytkownik VIP


#7 | Dodany: 10 Styczeń 2012 22:14

po rosyjsku i ciezko cos ogarnac no i chodzi powoli a zmniejszyc wymagania po rosyjsku to juz sztuka


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