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Angel Code: A Linda Hyde Mystery (2)[FINAL](2011)

Dodał: sarthony 9 Listopad 2011 10:51

Angel Code: A Linda Hyde Mystery (2)[FINAL](2011)

Angel Code: A Linda Hyde Mystery (2)[FINAL]|182 mb

Discover the biggest intrigue in the world’s history!

Unravel the mysteries of Templars and the Holy Grail with Linda Hyde and Raphael, a divine messenger sent from the Heaven. Let yourself be drawn into the incredible sequence of events starting when Linda inherits a house in Rome. It turns out to be a part of intrigue leading to shocking discoveries. Linda has to find the Holy Grail before the Moon Temple organization awakes the devilish deity of Baphomet and brings the apocalypse to the world.

*ABSORBING MIX OF A HIDDEN OBJECT AND ADVENTURE introducing a storyline with a romantic twist.
*SOLVE THE TEMPLAR MYSTERY and uncover the secret behind the old ring.
*CHALLENGING PUZZLES AND MIND-BENDING MINI-GAMES. It's up to you to find the clues and put the pieces together.
*Sequel to Vampire Mansion - A Linda Hyde Mystery

Angel Code: A Linda Hyde Mystery (2)[FINAL](2011)

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