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Little Busters! (2007/ENG)

Dodał: madacita 28 Grudzień 2011 14:12

Little Busters! (2007/ENG)

Little Busters! (2007/ENG)

Little Busters! (2007/ENG)
Year: 2007 | PC Game | English | Developer: Key | Publisher: Key | 4.25 GB
Genre: Adventure (I-Fiction) / Visual Novel

When Ricky was a child, his parents were killed. He was all alone and I was totally overwhelmed ... Yet from his fatal trauma rescued friendship with her four children, who were presented as "Little Busters!". They were always there when Ricky really needed help and support. Friendship with them were the only things that kept Rica desire to move on in life, and gradually, step by step, his depression had come to nothing. Now, as students of the 2nd class of high school, they continue to be friends, compete and live together, enjoying their school life.

Additional Information:

Version of the game for all ages. Hentai no.
Install and run the game and patch anglofikator to using Microsoft AppLocale, or exposed to the System Preferences Japanese locale.
To correctly display the text in the game, it is recommended to choose the font "Sazanami Gothic". In general, the appearance of menu fonts (when starting the game for the first time), select the font you like. Data about the selected font and other settings stored in a file folder in REALLIVE.sav SAVEDATA, so just delete this file if you want to change the font.

Little Busters! (2007/ENG)

The composition distribution

A disk image (mdf / mds) with the game Little Busters! (Standard edition, the content of extended editions so far not translated).
Patch anglofikator 6.0 (translates the entire text content of game).
Hardsubbed OP movie, for those who may have trouble playing a version of the soft-sabami.

Little Busters! (2007/ENG)
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