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Persian Wars - FLT (Full ISO/2003)

Dodał: madacita 2 Styczeń 2012 14:00

Persian Wars - FLT (Full ISO/2003)

Persian Wars - FLT (Full ISO/2003)

PC | 2003 | Developer : Cryo Interactive Entertainment | Publisher : Microids | 574MB
Genre : Strategy

King Solomons ring has fallen from the heavens... It is alleged to have exceptional powers, capable of proiding its wearer with wealth and power enough to make him undisputed ruler of the known world. Upon learning this news, 3 great people set off for the distant mountains with their winged creatures, genies, and flying carpets. They are the Amazons, renowned for their beauty and ferocity and accompanied by their cohorts of slaves; the Bedouins with their proud cavalry; and finally the Ghuls, corpse eating creatures with their incredible machines of war. All these armies are made up of completely different units with a combination of land based, aerial and naval forces. How these are deployed on the battlefield will determine the outcome of the game. But Persian Wars is not just a real time strategy game. The player actually take on the role of Sinbad, and will have to take key decisions throughout the main campaign. he is a cunning opportunist, who will think nothing of changing sides (and therefore, the course of history), if there is even the slightest chance of him attaining fortune and glory from doing so.

Features :
There are two tpes of map in the game. There is a strategic map for moving Sinbad and his armies to and from the different places he will visit This is also where Sinbad will decide his position in the great conflict unfolding, choose the cause he wants to defend and who he wants to be bought by or betray.
The second map is more tactical and will be used to fight out the various skirmishes and battles where Sinbads armies will come up against teh othe peoples armies, as well as the many independent creatures waiting in the shadow for the right moment to get involved and change the face of the world.
Apart from the main campaign, which is completely non linear and interactive, there are 4 mini campaigns, which provide teh opportunity to explore the mythical places in the world of the Arabian Nights. There is also a network mode where up to 8 players can play together.
Nearly 90 different units, with a scenario rich enough in detail to do justice to the legend and its magic.

Persian Wars - FLT (Full ISO/2003)

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#1 | Dodany: 2 Styczeń 2012 19:24

jest to po polsku czy trzeba spotszczenie?
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