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Miami Beach Club Chillout Lounge (2013)

Dodał: sam1425 6 Marzec 2013 13:53

Miami Beach Club Chillout Lounge (2013)

Artist: VA
Album: Miami Beach Club Chillout Lounge (The Greatest Smooth and Soothing Melodious Journey)
Year: 2013
Label: Ragimusic
Genre: Lounge
Codec: MP3
Bitrate audio: 320 Kbps
Playtime: 3:01:16
Total Size: 415 mb

01. Urban Lounge - Chilling With the Stars (feat. Defy Jef) [Crusin' Kandi Mix]
02. Soleil Fisher - Where the Lights Go Down
03. Cooltrane - Capture the Sun (Ibiza Del Mar Mix)
04. Milews - Cafe Del Mar Dreams (Buddha Bar Mix)
05. Brilliant Star - Pink Blue Hotel (Balearic Chill Guitar Mix)
06. Atrium - Smoke and Mirrors
07. Taylor Clare - The Right Track (Swift Again Mix)
08. Perry Oxial - Follow Me With Your Eyes (feat. Katy Bieber) [Wide Awake Mix]
09. Simon Bareilles - The Sound of Silence (feat. Sara Keys)
10. Milews - Miami Beach View
11. Sweet Velvet - Eres Tu (feat. Debora Vilchez) [Ibiza Mix]
12. Rainman - Paradise Beach (Top 55 Lounge Del Mar Deluxe Mix)
13. Dj Beachshaker - Down Down Down (Miami to Ibiza Beach House Mix)
14. Merge of Lounge - Universal Island (Relax and Chill Summer Beach Mix)
15. Sevastopol - The Answer (Relax Chillout Mix)
16. Loungertrip - Brighter Day (Lounge Top 55 Mix)
17. Sarasota Surfers - Siesta Key Beach (Tampa Bay Cafe Lounge Mix)
18. Blue Lagoona - Leaving the Tropics
19. Meteoric Rise - What Are You Doing (feat. Jason Underwood)
20. Major Minus - Lonley (Viva La Vida Lounge Mix)
21. Aloha from Hawaii - Lazy Summer Day (Clearwater Beach Mix)
22. Lullaby Lounge - Chill Del La Mer (Blank Cafe Relax Mix)
23. Lemon Tree - Clouds Sun and Water (Island of Chill Mix)
24. Sweet Velvet - In My Dreams
25. Vendetta Guetta - Love Is Blind (David's Groovejet House Mix)
26. Hirudo - Where Are You Now (feat. Hed) [Kandi Hotel Mix]
27. Delor - Lost Senses (Sunshine Reggae Mix)
28. Cool Aqua - Vibrations (feat. Regina Jepsen) [Spektor Downbeat Mix]
29. Beachsurfer Reloaded - Beachball (Extended Del Mar Version)
30. Bob Mirage - Damaged (Afterhour Chillhouse Mix)
31. Sunlover Nomads - Accumulated Wealth (Hed Deluxe Lounge Vocal)
32. Aural Ecstasy - Forbidden Desires (Naughty Rnb Stimulation Mix)
33. Telecast - Daydreams

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