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THE SHADOWS - Shades Of Rock (1970)

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THE SHADOWS - Shades Of Rock (1970)

THE SHADOWS - Shades Of Rock (1970)

THE SHADOWS - Shades Of Rock (1970)
The choice of material is interesting. The late 1960s saw any number of British rock bands rediscovering the hits of the original rock'n'roll era - John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band debuted live with a set full of Chuck Berry and the like, the Who were gleefully pillaging the Eddie Cochran songbook, the Rolling Stones had returned to blues'n'Berry basics. Now the Shadows were throwing their weight into the revival, eschewing their own writing abilities in favor of the resuscitated "Lucille," "Bony Moronie" and "Memphis Tennessee" (among others), then restructuring a host of more recent classics to similar basics.

1.Proud Mary Fogerty 3:20
2.My Babe Dixon 2:52
3.Lucille Collins, Penniman 2:51
4.Johnny B. Goode Berry 2:54
5.Paperback Writer Lennon, McCartney 3:08
6.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Jagger, Richards 2:44
7.Bony Moronie 2:22
8.Get Back Lennon, McCartney 3:06
9.Something Harrison 2:47
10.River Deep Mountain High Barry, Greenwich, Spector 3:32
11.Memphis Berry 2:17
12 .What'd I Say Charles 2:30

Released : October 19, 1970
Label : Columbia (EMI)

THE SHADOWS - Shades Of Rock (1970)
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