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VA - The Music of Cosmos

Dodał: latyczak 22 Grudzień 2011 12:20

VA - The Music of Cosmos

VA - The Music of Cosmos

VA - The Music of Cosmos
VA - The Music of Cosmos (2011)
2-CDs | Release: 2011 | MP3 320 Kbps | 578 MB
Genre: Progressive Rock

Part One
01.New Beginning
02. Fantastic Justice
03. Sacred Moon's Light
04. Somewhere Between Here and There
05. Welcome To The Cage
06. Bastonge Blues
07. Lost (I Miss You)
08. Snowhite
09. Where Have You Gone
10. Fools Gold
11.Winds Of Ghange
12. Let Go
13. Living in the Moonlight
14. War
15. Keahiakahoe
16. American Dream
17. The Awakening
18. Goodnight Europe

Part Two
01. Green
02. Armageddon
03. Just A Little Pinprick
04. The Cave, Down to the Earth
05. The Little Voice Inside My Heart
06. The Sleep Of No Dreaming
07. The Wind In Your Sail
08. Fadeaway
09. Nagare
10. Electronical Reviva
11. Shesmovedon
12. The Cry I
13. The Final Path
14. Good Little Soldiers
15. In The Dark Of The Night
16. The Eyes Of Lara Moon
17. Sentimental
18. Epilogue

VA - The Music of Cosmos
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