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Italo Disco - The Sweetest Hits Vol.5 (1980)

Dodał: musbest 30 Styczeń 2013 14:12

Italo Disco - The Sweetest Hits Vol.5 (1980)

Italo Disco - The Sweetest Hits Vol.5 (1980)

Italo Disco - The Sweetest Hits Vol.5 (1980)
Artist: VA
Title: Italo Disco - The Sweetest Hits Vol.5
Style: Disco
Release: 1980
Audio: MP3
Bitrate: 128-320 kbit/s
Time: 8:49:10
Size: 700 mb

Albert One - Music (Extended)
Aleph - Fly to me (Maxi Single)
Aleph - Megamix
Atrium - Hey Tonight
Bad Boys Blue - Kiss you all over, baby (new version)
Bazykina Twins - Moscow Nights (Maxi)
Beagle Music Ltd. - Daydream (Extended Version)
Betty Miranda - Dance
Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
Bolero - I Wish (Extended Version)
Bonnie Tyler - It's a heartache
Boys - Linda
Boystown Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Brando - Rainy Day (Extended version)
Camaros Gang - Fuerza Major (Extended Version)
Carrara - Follow Me
Charlie G - Llama L'amor
Cherry - Lullaby
Chris Norman - Into the night
Claudia T - Dance With Me
Creative Connection - You re My Heart, You re My Sou
D. Ream - You Are The Best Thing (Extended Version)
David Lyme - Bye Bye Mi Amor
Daydream - In the Night
Don Pablo's Animals - Venus
Dyva - Clap Again (Extended version)
Fable Time - Russia Russia (12 '' version)
Facts & Fiction - Give Me The Night (Extended Version)
Fancy - Dragostea Din Tei
Fantasy - He's Number One (12 '' version)
Fire Fax - Young Girls
Flo Astaire - Monkey Monkey (Extended Version)
Foreign Currency - Cest La Vie
Francesco Napoli - Ma quale idea
Fresh - The Wolf
Friday People - Friday People
Gazuzu - Chant For You
Girly - Trouble
GJ Lunghi - Acapulco Nights
Hank Shostak - Don't Tell Me (Extended Version)
Hazell Dean - They Say It's Gonna Rain (Extended Version)
Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)
Helicon - You...See (12'' Maxi)
Hotline - Fantasy (Remix)
Hugh Bullen - Alisand
Ingela - Move Your Body
Irene Cara - What A Feeling
Joe Lockwood - Hey You
Joy - Night Of The Night
K. Barre - Right By The Moon (Extended Version)
Kelly Brown - Only You Can (You Make Me Feel) (Extended Version)
Laban - Love In Siberia (Extended Version)
Laserdance - Humanoid Invasion (Original Remix)
Lee Young - Napoleon (Napolion)
Lift Up - Diamonds Never Made A Lady (Extended)
Lili & Sussie - Let Us Dance Just a Little Bit More
Londonbeat - Where Are You
Louise Tucker - Minight blue
Marce - I Want You (Extended Version)
Michael Fortunati - Into The Night (Extended Version)
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty
Miko Mission - Toc Toc Toc (Extended Version)
Moses - We Just
Mr. Freaky - Out Of My Mind (Single Version)
Nino D'angelo - Vai
Ocean Wings - Lovin' In The Snow (Extended Version)
Off - Time Operator (Extended Version)
Oryan - She's My Queen (Extended Version)
Panorama - War In Love (Extended Version)
Paris-France-Transit - Souvenir From Rio
Patty Ryan feat Systems in Blue - One Summer Night In Moscow
Phaeax - Talk About
Proxyon - Space Hopper (Extended Version)
Pussycat - Rio
Radiorama - Yeti
Rajjio di Luna - Comancero (long)
Roger Meno U K - Roadrunner
Round One - In Zaire (maxi)
Ryan Simmons - Lucky Guy (Maxi Version)
S Express - Theme From S Express
Sandy Marton - Love synchronicity
Savage - Radio
Silver Pozzoli - Step By Step (Extended Version)
Sky Creakers - You should be dancing
Smile DK - Kissy Kissy
Stars On 45 - Disco 80's Medley
Swan - General Custer
Tension - My Dream (Extended Version)
The Great Disco Bouzouki Band - Disco Bouzouki
The Twins - Not The Loving Kind (Extended version)
The Ventures - Vibrations
Tom Hooker - Looking For Love (Extended Version)
Tommy Kerisch - Speedy Life (Extended Version)
Trance X - Living On The Video (Radio Mix)
Venus - Hot Sun On Video (Extended Version)
Virgin - Tell Me Why

Italo Disco - The Sweetest Hits Vol.5 (1980)
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