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Recovery DiskSuite Pre v11.11.11 DVD2USB

Dodał: maslanaxxx 24 Listopad 2011 14:59

Recovery DiskSuite Pre v11.11.11 DVD2USB

Recovery DiskSuite Pre v11.11.11 DVD2USB

Recovery DiskSuite Pre v11.11.11 DVD2USB

Recovery DiskSuite Pre v11.11.11 DVD2USB *(11.2011)*| 8.3 GB

Recovery DiskSuite - a unique multi-boot rescue disk, the best gift for the advanced user or admin and to all those who would like to always have on hand a disc for all occasions. This CD is a versatile tool to repair and raise the collapsed systems (Windows, Linux, DOS etc.), As well as to prepare the computer to install the OS, partitioning HDD, scan, data recovery from HDD, hardware testing and much more. In fact, this is a collection of popular and Rescue BootCD disketok on WinPE, DOS and Linux. In general, the creation of this CD's prompted a desire to have all the necessary programs for the repair companies on one disc.

Contents of the CD:
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 - Net original version without modification.
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 VL UpdatePack - A modified version: includes security updates, software drivers.
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 VL - Clean original version without modification.
Rus Live - LiveCD with a set of critical care programs.
Acronis Rescue - A set of programs for the hard disk and its images.
Active @ Password Changer - bypass download zaparollenogo Windows.
AntiWinlocker - Treatment SMS banners.
Hiren `s Boot - Recovery Programme directly from DOS.
Drayverpakov set for XP and 7.
Creating a bootable USB drive script from disk RDS.


Recovery DiskSuite v11.11.11 (build six published)
* Rebuilt WinXP_SP3_VL_UpdPk.
* Updated dayverpaki.
+ Added Windows 7 SP1 (to activate, use: _Soft \ _WinCrack \ w7lxe \ w7lxe.exe).
+ Added a launch control program with banners (loading from DOS).
+ Added the ability to boot Windows with a password (bypass password) (download from DOS).
Added ability to create a bootable USB.
+ Added a LiveCD: RusLive. Support for RAM download.
- Removed Hiren Boot. Left only to load DOS-utilities.
- Removed the LiveCD: Alkid.

Recovery DiskSuite v12.11.10 (build fifth published)
* Rebuilt WinXP_SP3_VL_UpdPk. Very much changed (only not remember).
* Updated dayverpaki. Revised principle of the installation.
* Updated and revised autorun.
* Updated and revised the Boot ROM.
* Updated Alkid LiveCD 2010.08.28.
Added ability to select an option zaguzki Album: graphical or text.
+ Added a full set of Hiren Boot CD 11.1.
- Removed DOS-utilities.
- Removed Rus RAM LiveCD.
- Removed Norton Ghost.

Extras. Information:
This CD is intended only for personal, noncommercial use. This assembly is warez because Many components are available to drive illegally. Therefore, free disc is prohibited.

Year : 2011
Language : ENGLISH + RUS

Recovery DiskSuite Pre v11.11.11 DVD2USB
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#1 | Dodany: 28 Listopad 2011 21:24

It sems like great programs but how to burn on cd and how to make it work?
Could you please give any instructions?


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