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Maxthon Portable

Dodał: rababa0 27 Grudzień 2011 04:51

Maxthon Portable

Maxthon Portable

Maxthon Portable
Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) - browser supports tabs and having your own RSS-aggregator, Maxthon also has many useful features that greatly enhance the usability of the browser: support for mouse gestures and advanced drag and drop objects, databases, forms AutoComplete, hotkeys and aliases for the addresses , a group of options, filter ads, search tools and other functionality expands Maxthon additional plug-ins (available for a few dozen plug-ins). Maxthon also supports skins.

Key features:
- Tabbed pages
- Anti-Freeze
- Mouse Gestures
- Super-drag
- Intelligent acceleration Maxthon
- Abolition of the closing
- Read RSS
- External tools
- Screenshots
- Security updates
- Removal of personal information
- Verification of trusted sites
- Support for plugins and skins
- Extensive Proxy
- Multilanguage support
- And more ...

Maxthon Portable
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