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ArcSoft Perfect365 Portable

Dodał: rababa0 27 Grudzień 2011 08:50

ArcSoft Perfect365 Portable

ArcSoft Perfect365 Portable

ArcSoft Perfect365 Portable
ArcSoft Perfect365 - easy to use program that allows users to change the features in the photographs and portraits. You will be able to produce touch-up, clean the skin, application of makeup, as well as improve the geometry of the face, eyes and nose. And all this - just a few mouse clicks. You do not have hours to learn complex and cumbersome graphical editors. All you need - this is our program.'

Key features:
• Just one click - and your photos will become the usual masterpieces.
• Various tools allow you to create unique portraits.
• Compare before and after photos, Undo the last change, if you do not like.
• You can put new photos on Facebook or Twitter.
• The program detects all the faces in the photo, you can retouch individual.
• Specify the point person for a more accurate result.

ArcSoft Perfect365 Portable
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