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RapidTyping 4.4 Final Portable

Dodał: rababa0 27 Grudzień 2011 09:12

RapidTyping 4.4 Final Portable

RapidTyping 4.4 Final Portable

RapidTyping 4.4 Final Portable
The program teaches you how to quickly and error-free typing on the keyboard. RapidTyping typing tutor help you and your family learn the touch type method of printing in just a few lessons. Easy to use simulator successfully teach you and your children to print quickly and without error in the playful manner. With RapidTyping you can learn how to effectively use the keyboard in any layout - Russian or English, and improve printing speed in Cyrillic and Latin.

• Game story; Education will take place against the backdrop of a colorful underwater world. A variety of underwater inhabitants will not let you get bored during the passage of the lesson. With the increase in the quality of your set before you will open the new world with their cute creatures.
• A simple, colorful interface, supports library colorful skins.
• Statistics of education; statistics of your lessons is displayed both in tabular form, as well as diagrams. Statistics are kept on speed dial, the number of errors.
• Emulate keyboard emulator keyboard will help you quickly grow out to look at the keyboard. The backlight keys and working areas for fingers. Supports various types of libraries keyboards.
• Creating your own lessons, you can create your own lessons.
• Support for multiple users Supports multiple users and individual.

RapidTyping 4.4 Final Portable
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