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DiskInternals Boot CD 1.3

Dodał: latyczak 6 Marzec 2012 20:13

DiskInternals Boot CD 1.3

DiskInternals Boot CD 1.3

DiskInternals Boot CD 1.3
DiskInternals Boot CD 1.3 | 8.91 Mb

Many users face the problem of data corruption on your hard drive as a result of what that external factors. With DiskInternals Boot CD you can restore the information back. To restore data, you simply need to pre-create a boot disk with this program and what case to use it. With the help of your disk, you will be able to download the full Windows XP-2003 or Windows Vista. In general, if you value the information stored on your HDD, then do not be lazy and take advantage of this program.

Home Page - www.diskinternals.com/boot-cd/

DiskInternals Boot CD 1.3
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