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Dr.Web LiveUSB 18.02.12 Portable

Dodał: latyczak 16 Marzec 2012 10:30

Dr.Web LiveUSB 18.02.12 Portable

Dr.Web LiveUSB 18.02.12 Portable

Dr.Web LiveUSB 18.02.12 Portable
Dr.Web LiveUSB 18.02.12 Portable | 177 Mb

Dr.WEB LiveUSB - Utility designed to create a bootable flash drive just a few clicks, which allows you to restore your system when the computer boots normally impossible due to the actions of viruses or other malicious programs. To record a bootable USB drive simply connect USB-device to the computer and run Dr.WEB LiveUSB - the application to determine the available media and prompts you to select the correct one. Further creating a rescue disk is fully automated.

To create a rescue disk on a USB-Drive:
A. Plug the flash card. The event registration is to connect a maximum of ten seconds.
Two. Run the application drwebliveusb.exe.
Three. The program will automatically detect the available USB-device and prompt you to choose from. If desired, you can format the selected device (before formatting is displayed with a warning).
4. To create a bootable flash card, click Create Dr.WEB LiveUSB.
Five. Copying files will start automatically.
6. At the end of the process, click "Exit" to exit the program.

Home Page - www.freedrweb.com/liveusb/?lng=en

Dr.Web LiveUSB 18.02.12 Portable
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