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Ocster Backup Pro 7.08

Dodał: Szpachelka704 24 Marzec 2012 17:41

Ocster Backup Pro 7.08

Ocster Backup Pro 7.08

Ocster Backup Pro 7.08
Ocster Backup Pro 7.08 | 23 MB

Ocster Backup Pro - an excellent backup application created for use in fully automatic mode. You simply specify that you want to copy and when, and the program takes care of everything else. Auto-pause, stop the backup process when you will need the full potential of your computer. Now the backup program you will not let you down!
You can use a special network service, Ocster Secure Storage, which can store a large amount of data encrypted on the latest technologies. Thus you can help protect documents from loss (eg, in case of system failure, etc.). Program Ocster Backup Pro is simple to use, so that it will understand any beginner. The copying process can be interrupted at any point and it is continuing. Supported by a variety of types of encryption (AES 128-Bit, AES 256 Bit, BlowFish, Cast-128) and types of compression (ZLib, LZMA). The application also generates detailed activity reports that can be immediately sent by e-mail.

Ocster Backup Pro 7.08
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