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Prime Loops The Art Of Trap (2013) (FL STUDIO SAMPLES)

Dodał: Patryllo18 15 Luty 2013 19:16

Prime Loops The Art Of Trap (2013) (FL STUDIO SAMPLES)

Prime Loops The Art Of Trap (2013) (FL STUDIO SAMPLES)

Prime Loops The Art Of Trap (2013) (FL STUDIO SAMPLES)
Prime Loops The Art Of Trap (2013)
Sample do FL STUDIO
Rozmiar uploadu: 1.14 GB

Have you mastered The Art Of Trap? Prime Loops have! This latest sound library from the Prime Loops audio lab is the ultimate Trap sample pack, packed with enough 808 infused swagger, sweeping sub-bass, searing synths and sonorous SFX to keep the club bouncing all night long!

This fusion of southern hip-hop, crunk and dutch house has been steadily emerging from the underground and has begun to infiltrate the charts. If you're looking for that signature crisp hi-hat sound, this sample pack is your invitation to join the family! Strutting in at over 375MB+, The Art Of Trap offers 181 professionally mastered files presented across 6 super charged folders loaded with basslines, synth leads, SFX loops, drum rolls, one-shots and drum loops!

Each sample arrives in crystal clear 24-bit high definition and can be dragged and dropped directly into any major software! You can even stretch or squeeze any of these samples to adjust the tempo without corrupting the quality! As if that wasn't enough, this ultimate Trap sound pack is 100% royalty free, so you can go ahead and rip those sample clearance forms to shreds!

So if you're high on Trap vibes but can't seem to cut the sound yourself, load up on The Art Of Trap for a heavy dose of professionally mixed sounds that will lift your tunes off the ground!

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Prime Loops The Art Of Trap (2013) (FL STUDIO SAMPLES)
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