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Ursa Software ScreenMon 2.38 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

Dodał: peet85 16 Luty 2013 17:41

Ursa Software ScreenMon 2.38 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

Ursa Software ScreenMon 2.38 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

Ursa Software ScreenMon 2.38 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.
Ursa Software ScreenMon 2.38 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

Ursa Software ScreenMon 2.38 | 2.5 MB

ScreenMon - a computer screen recorder and spy monitor software. It allows to secretly capture screen activities and mouse movement on your computer into WMV files uninterruptedly or schedule your recordings as you fixed; or you can choose to capture specified screen activity which is useful and important to your monitoring target.

ScreenMon is just like a desktop camera. Every desktop and cursor activity, keystroke typing, some window or program opening or closing, website browsing, IM chatting and all other PC activity will be captured and all of these can display incessantly in the video files. This monitoring software was made in hidden when it works. It is an excellent spy software to monitor employees, child, cheating spouse.


 Auto run and record with windows startup;
 This screen recorder monitor is designated to auto run and auto record when the window startup, so the users will not detect that him or her is monitored by this surveillance camera when he/she open the computer.
 Record screen activity uninterruptedly or schedule the recording as fixed;
 If you didn't make the recording setting, the screen recorder will auto record uninterruptedly from the windows startup to close. But sometimes this way may get some unuseful video and use numerous storage space. So schedule your recording is needful. You can check one or more than one stretch in the schedule when the recording will works only.
 Record specified screen activity aiming to fixed desktop activity to optimize the recording;
 Sometimes you may only want to know some special PC activities of the user, such as MSN or Skype chatting, playing games, etc. So this screen record is designated to support recording some fixed screen activity according to your monitoring target.
 The format, frame rate, quality, time of the video files can be adjust to best performance;
 Easy to use and hotkey setup for start, pause and stop screen recording;
 Invisible work with spy mode;
 hotkey activation, access password protection, hidden program main window and no icons or shortcuts;

Ursa Software ScreenMon 2.38 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

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