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Easypano PanoWeaver Professional 8.40.130207

Dodał: peet85 26 Luty 2013 20:02

Easypano PanoWeaver Professional 8.40.130207

Easypano PanoWeaver Professional 8.40.130207

Easypano PanoWeaver Professional 8.40.130207

Year: 2013
OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
Language: English
Treatment: Complete
Size: 62.63 Mb

Easypano Panoweaver is a professional tool for combining images into high-quality 360-degree panorama. Panoramic images are provided with a possible platform Flash, QuickTime and Java. Software for creating panoramas Panoweaver is widely used web-designers, real estate agents, developers, virtual tours, government agencies, etc. Panoweaver can combine multiple rows of images to create cylindrical and spherical panoramas with a 360 degrees. The solution supports the export options panorama panoramic tours in Flash, QTVR and Java Applet, automatic recognition of normal and wide-angle lens.

New features Easypano Panoweaver:

- Removal of tripods - convert cubic panoramas, followed by removal of the tripod panorama.
- Creation of "hot spots" - Put in pan of hot spots and add actions to them (pop images and URL-links).
- Adding to the context menu for a link to the web-site - the user can configure a link to its site in the context menu of the right mouse button.
- The use of background music - adding audio in mp3 format to image panoramas.
- Output of the six faces of the cube - retain cubic panorama can be converted to 6-point cubic image.
- Customize the progress SWF - can adjust the progress bar load.
- Toolbar - users can insert into a panorama button "print", "send", "help", "reproduction of sound."

Key features:

- Create panoramas in high resolution format Flash.
- Create HDR-image and image HDR format LDR.
- Support for the raw files directly from the camera.
- Merger of 16-bit images.
- Support merge 2-circular low-quality images taken in the vertical direction.
- Merge groups of images in batch mode.
- Saving and resuming unfinished panorama.
- Ability to add navigational charts in the display area of ​​the image.

What's new:

- Rosolve the issue of showing white line in QTVR when published on some Mac machines.
- Panorama stitched with this panorama software will not be jagged.
- Quality of Jpeg format is highly improved due to less loss of pixel.

The procedure for treatment:

1. Install the program.
2. Move the replacement files from Crk in the installation folder.
3. Copy the files from the RU to the installation folder
4. Run the program Tools - Languages ​​- Choose Russian

Easypano PanoWeaver Professional 8.40.130207

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