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FXpansion - Geist Expander: BFD Remix WiN/MacOSX

Dodał: peet85 3 Marzec 2013 14:26

FXpansion - Geist Expander: BFD Remix WiN/MacOSX

FXpansion - Geist Expander: BFD Remix WiN/MacOSX

Xpansion - Geist Expander: BFD Remix WiN/MacOSX | 140 MB + 152 MB

FXpansion is proud to present BFD Remix, a Geist Expander that provides affordable, high-quality acoustic drum samples, kits, engines and patterns ready to use in Geist, the next-generation sampling beatbox. BFD Remix combines pristine acoustic sounds with fat-sounding FX treatments within Geist to provide a versatile set of drum sounds that range from subtle kits to cutting edge, aggressive sounds that tear through a mix.

The sounds are carefully selected from FXpansion's BFD2 acoustic drum library, mixed down and ready to use in Geist. Originally recorded at Air Studios in London, it includes a wealth of kicks, snares, toms, hihats and cymbals recorded through elite studio gear. Alongside the raw WAV-format samples, Geist-format kits, engines and patterns, BFD Remix also contains a large selection of RX2 loops provided both dry and recorded through an array of high-quality outboard processing. Loops are pre-sliced and classified in Geist, so it's easy to mix and match elements between them, while the included kits and engines feature extensive creative processing setups within Geist.

The samples in BFD Remix can also be used in any software that supports WAV and REX2 format samples.

FXpansion - Geist Expander: BFD Remix WiN/MacOSX

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