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Binerus 3D Text 1.00

Dodał: olchowo 19 Luty 2012 11:57

Binerus 3D Text 1.00

Binerus 3D Text 1.00

Binerus 3D Text 1.00 | 1.70 MB

A perfect tool for fast and hassle-free creation of 3D logos and headers.

- Well-written texts are a sign of every successful website. High quality content motivates potential clients, increases conversions and keeps visitors on the site for longer, so this is definitely something you want to devote a good deal of time to.
- However, if these texts are also eye-catching, it will double you advantage. A logo that will be remembered by visitors and paragraph headers that will visibly dissect the text into meaningful parts will always be a nice addition to any page of your online project.
- In case you are seeking an easy to use tool that will help you create cool-looking article headers and logos in no time, use 3D Text! 3D Text is a compact, flexible and affordable tool that will help you create custom 3D logos and headers in minutes.
- The interface of the program is very simple: a large preview area in the center and a scrollable panel with options and properties at the bottom of the screen.
- You can use the mouse to scroll the options panel sideways and customize every aspect of the final image: the text to be rendered, the color of its elements, font options, transparency, extrusion level, frame parameters and so on.
- The changes you make to the text are instantly reflected on the object in the preview window. You can rotate the camera view freely to select the optimal rendering angle.
- Once you have configured the necessary parameters, you can render the image by clicking the corresponding button at the top of the window.
- The output window enables you to change the output resolution and the image format (PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP formats are currently supported).
- If you like the result, you can save your 3D text to a file and load it at any time in the future.

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#1 | Dodany: 19 Luty 2012 13:11

Binerus 3D Text, to kompaktowe, elastyczne i przystępne narzędzie, które pomoże Ci tworzyć własne logo 3D i nagłówki w kilka minut.

- w pełni konfigurowalne parametry tekstu
- różnorodność rozdzielczości
- błyskawiczne renderowanie
- natychmiastowy podgląd zmian w modelu tekstu


strona producenta: http://www.binerus.com/
system operacyjny: Windows XP/Vosta?Seven
Użytkownik VIP


#2 | Dodany: 25 Luty 2012 11:09

Avast nie da tego otworzyć więc nie ryzykuje :P


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