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Alien Skin Blow Up (x86/x64)

Dodał: latyczak 9 Marzec 2012 18:44

Alien Skin Blow Up (x86/x64)

Alien Skin Blow Up (x86/x64)

Alien Skin Blow Up (x86/x64)
Alien Skin Blow Up (x86/x64) | 37.7 MB

Alien Skin Blow Up - plug-in, which is designed to enlarge the image with maximum preservation of their quality. Blow Up preserves the smooth, fresh faces and lines, and creates four times (1600 increase of any image without jagged artifacts or halos. Unlike other solutions to increase, Blow Up can scale images up to 3600% (six times in each dimension), and thus they are not there are such artifacts as the effect of a comb, a halo and divorces. Blow Up can work in CMYK, RGB, Lab, Grayscale, and Duotone, to cope with the processing of files, which contain several layers (at the same time to reduce them is not necessary) and works with 16 - and 32-bit images, including RAW and HDR. Another possibility plug - save the new image as a separate file when the original image remains intact.

Functions Blow Up:
- Scale images up to 3600% with minimal loss of quality
- Management received image sharpness
- Fixes damaged the quality of JPEG images
- Batch processing of multiple files
- Many built-in presets for quick results
- Works with large images up to 300 000 pixels in length

What's new in version:
- A significant increase in the quality of obtained images. The result is clearer, regardless of whether you reduce or increase the image. Izobrazhdeniya noise are now handled better. You can control the texture obtained.
- Management of received image sharpness.
- Correction of jpeg images, if the customer brought to you by jpeg terrible quality, you will be able to resizing it clean from the quadratic.
- Easy batch conversion.
- Completely reworked system preview.
- The system settings with a hundred presets, you can also record your settings.
- Now you can work with images of up to 300,000 pixels on the long side, the maximum, which allows Photoshop.
- Revised interface.

Alien Skin Blow Up (x86/x64)
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#1 | Dodany: 9 Marzec 2012 18:52

Czyli krótko mówiąc jest to program do przybliżania zdjęć? no
Użytkownik VIP


#2 | Dodany: 9 Marzec 2012 21:28

Bardziej do ich powiększania.
Użytkownik VIP


#3 | Dodany: 14 Marzec 2012 15:01



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